After leaving the secure environment of the NHS, I found myself working for a Medical Equipment Supplier promoting both Schiller and Hewlett Packard electrocardiograph & defibrillation products.

Thinking “I can do better than that…” Amazon Medical was founded in November 1995, dedicated to personal service, with a smile.
After visiting Medica that year, Amazon Medical were appointed exclusive UK distributor for Bruker Medical Wissembourg, France, a manufacturer of MRI compatible monitoring and defibrillators.
FRED “First Responder External Defibrillator” was one of the first monophasic AED’s to be introduced in 2000. The acquisition of Bruker Medical SA by Schiller AG had a positive effect, with the investment in a new purpose built  building Schiller met the increasing demands for FRED.

Schiller Distributor
FRED First Responder External Defibrillator
  • Exclusive UK Distributor for Schiller Medical Supplies
  • FRED “First Responder External Defibrillator

Amazon Medical is a small friendly company which distributes high quality medical diagnostic products from an increasing variety of national and international manufacturers.
We are a motivated team and hop out of bed bright and early every morning. We are knowledgeable about our  products, have good communication skills, we listen, have a positive attitude, take responsibility and laugh with our customers.
Adopting the Schiller philosophy