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  • LevMed 12-Lead ECG Universal Belt

LevMed 12-Lead ECG Universal Belt

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LevMed 12-lead ECG Electrode Belts relace the traditional suction or disposable adhesive electrodes providing the following advantages...

  • Ease of use - designed for use by professionals and non-professionals alike.
  • Quick application - all electrodes applied at once, quick patient cable connection and no shaving required.
  • Accurate placement - ensures anatomically accurate electrode placement, providing reliable, accurate and consistent ECG recordings.
  • Reusable - no on-going costs for disposable electrodes, creams or gels.
  • Reliable - clinical results are correlated with the traditional ECG approach.
  • Cost effective - no disposables, no shaving, reduced application time.
  • Patient comfort - no shaving, no gels or adhesives, ladies no need to remove bra, short assessment time.
  • One size fits all - men and women of all body shapes and sizes. Child belts coming soon.
  • Use anywhere - connects to any ECG device and used in any clinical settings: hospitals, clinics, occupational medicine, ambulances, homecare and telemedicine applications.