Cardiology / Vales and Hills CardioView Portable Resting ECG Clip End

Vales and Hills CardioView Portable Resting ECG Clip End

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  • Innovative, intuitive and simple, a unique ECG acquisition device with Bluetooth interface for use with your iPad, iPad mini and iPhone, meeting your professional demands in the cardiac world.
  • With iCV200 you can record, review and interpret resting ECG's, signing to confirm diagnosis, which is kept for printing in various formats and stored as PDF which can be attached and emailed.
  • Simultaneous 12-lead ECG, with automatic measurements and interpretation.
  • Filters - Low pass (different setting), Baseline Wander and Motion Artefact.
  • Reports - Cloud print or PDF upload.
    • The first professional electrocardiogram (ECG) product developed on iOS portable device.
    • High-definition ECG display thanks to the Apple high resolution screen.
    • Automatic measurements and interpretations.
    • Bluetooth compatiable.
  • Use together with our LevMed 12-lead ECG Electrode Belt for quick and e.asy application.
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • User manual
  • Green case
  • Limb clamps x 4
  • Suction bulbs x 6